© 2021 Ralf  Kloeden

© 2021 Ralf Kloeden

Thank you very much for your interest in my music.

I  play saxophone now since 1988 and have been continuously searching for more unity between my music and my spiritual experiences and beliefs. For me, music should be challenging and entertaining on all levels alike, inspiring, enriching, for soul, heart and mind, and ultimately a spiritual healing force in a fragmented world.

Having been growing up 35 miles southeast of the Northern Sea - still today, from all places in nature, the open sea is where I like to be most - it reminds me of eternity, eternal change, of traveling to new places - but it also creates the great sense of "homecoming" for me and ultimate, inspiring and restful peace. All of this is present when I listen and play music, too. To come closer to this "inner sea", I became a musician. 

This journey led me to interesting and enriching musical encounters  and continues to do so - so again, WELCOME and hopefully some of my music will be enriching and inspiring for you too.